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HAE Consultancy

Due to our years of field experience in air cargo and logistics, combined with a deep knowledge across the supply chain, HAE is proud to now be bringing all of this expertise to the industry by offering sales and operations consultancy services.

Whatever your requirement, whether it be project management, project review, mentoring or short-term executive management, HAE Consultancy is here to help.

HAE is different and this difference lies in our approach to consulting. Not only do we evaluate the opportunity or identify strategic goals, providing you a full roadmap to reach your target (key to successful consulting programmes), we also offer our ability to execute any agreed programmes globally.

By implementing the recommendations into your business and taking ownership of the project to its full completion, HAE Consulting provides its customers with peace of mind and confidence.

Features of HAE Consultancy

Some examples of where HAE Consultancy can assist:

  • Airline cargo management – commercial strategy, operations management
  • GSSA RFQ procurement
  • GSSA review
  • Revenue optimisation
  • Analysis of market conditions
  • Optimisation of aircraft utilisation
  • Route development
  • Negotiation of handling contracts
  • Review of supplier contracts