HAE  Charters have done it again! A challenging solution required, subsequently delivered and a satisfied client at the end.


The Challenge:

Move a consignment from origin USA to destination Mauritania in a timeframe needing robust air freight management to deliver on schedule but within a demanding price schedule.

The Solution:

Stage one, commercial aircraft uplift organized from origin JFK to European hub LGG. Due to light nature of the consignment in question, the customer required a cost effective solution to deliver the freight to NKC, full AC charter from origin to destination was therefore not an option. HAE Charters provided an optimal solution using a scheduled carrier from JFK to LGG, and then connected on to a dedicated charter flight AN-26 to mobilize the freight to NKC.

Stage 2,  LGG – NKC. This is a long flight sector for AN-26 type aircraft and needed to make two tech stops en route to refuel.  Due to the nature of the consignment there were a number of over flight and tech landing permits required, this was not a problem for HAE Charters. The extensive knowledge and  experience of our teams gained over many years of delivering robust air transport solutions allowed HAE Charter to deliver a smooth transit. Consistent communications maintained between HAE, shipper, operator and consignee, meant HAE were able to manage necessary permits on time.


Consignment delivered on time and a very happy customer!

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