Welcome to HAE Group

HAE is a multi-platform air cargo industry services provider, offering bespoke cost effective global solutions.


When working on behalf of an airline partner, we at HAE GSSA truly view ourselves as part of our principal’s business. We deploy local market experts who focus on sales. More information >>>

HAE Charter

Whatever your needs, be it full of part charter, the HAE Charter team has a solution for all of your time-sensitive or outsize cargo. More information >>>

HAE Solutions

Looking for a network solution? Is your routing complex or do you have cargo to a remote destination? Look no further than HAE Solutions. More information >>>

HAE Consultancy

Whatever your requirement, whether it be project management, project review, mentoring or short-term executive management, HAE Consultancy is here to help. More information >>>

HAE Training

Branded as TSA Logo Tiny within HAE Training and with a focus within the aviation sector, HAE Training can deliver operational, security and other compliance courses to airports and their suppliers, airlines, ground operators, in-flight caterers, cargo companies, etc More information >>>

HAE Aircraft & Cargo Handling

HAE Aircraft & Cargo Handling is a regional bespoke service provider, offering exceptional attention to detail across all areas of the ground handling industry. More information >>>

HAE Communications

HAE Communications was established to further assist our clients to grow their local or global market share. Brand identity has always instilled consumer confidence and subsequently led to increased awareness and sales, but never has it been more relevant to success than now. More information >>>